Sep 6, 2013


Hey all -

I am taking a break from this blog for a while to work on a new and improved web site. Beginning today, I will leave this blog and begin posting at my new blog. I'll let you know when it's done!

There is not much there as of now. It will take a while for me to get things transferred over. I hope to turn into a more professional apologetics site with a blog and less of an amateur blog. I will leave all my stuff here here so BACKPACK TRUTH is still a good resource but newer and more edited pieces will begin appearing at STREETAPOLOGIST.COM

However, I will be posting less there and more working on the actual site. But in the end it will be better. In the meantime, check through the archives here - there are a ton!

Sep 5, 2013

Atheist Debate - TOMORROW!

Backpack Radio presents:
“Ask A Question?” 
Ask a Christian – Ask an Atheist
September 06, 2013 @7:30-9:45pm
First Fridays Downtown
924 N. 1st St. Phx, AZ 85004
Pastor Vocab Malone (Christian)
William Costigan (atheist)
Moderator: Scott Rose Jr.
Vocab and William debate and discuss several key topics, intermingled with open times for live audience Q & A!
-”Why are you a Christian/atheist?”-”What do you believe about origins?”
-”What do you think about Jesus?”
-”Where do human rights come from?”

NOTE: this will probably be my last post at this blog. more info coming in the next two days!

Sep 4, 2013

Questions to Ask Atheists

Ask questions to deconstruct their worldview first.
For example, if they attack Christianity as nonsense, ask them: What's wrong with learning non-sense from an atheistic WORLDVIEW? On atheism, why is knowledge important? How does an atheist gain knowledge (as a product of evolution)? Why, as product of evolution, should you trust your senses? What in the primordial soup (and on) makes logic 'work'? If your'e just a product in a chain of animals, you have no choice but to obey your brain! As a mere animal, the atheist is a slave of their genes. So how can they guarantee their 'brain fizz' is actually logical and not just chemical reactions? The same exact thing goes with morality.
What, in evolution's long-line-of-tinkering created morals? How is that a material product in any way? It's not. What is the source of morality? What is truth in a materialistic world? And why is truth important - some lies may help people survive. And isn't that the point of evolution? Where did truth come from? Do plants have this concept? Do worms? Truth is an abstract concept. Ask him if he believes that things that are immaterial like morals) are actually real. How does he account for an immaterial concepts like morals in a materialistic worldview?
Are his morals his own or does he think others should follow him? Maybe the atheist could give an example of an example of how his morals differ from our current culture - and prove it. For example, many atheists are for same-sex marriage. Would their morals have told him that 100 years ago? Or would they have just went with the current culture then, too?
This means from their own view of what they are, the atheist has no business worrying about slavery. Survival of the fittest, right?
Some atheists say that 'morals are values that correspond to goals'. That's not morality, that's crass pragmatism or utilitarianism. It's just a word to describe strategy! Besides, who decides if the goals are good or moral? That definition is meaningless because the atheist has no foundation on atheism for objective morals - or even the whole concept of morality. Remember to be witnessing while debating. We are trying to get the atheist to see their sin and turn to Jesus (I am not saying I always do this)! Many love to debate, but they need to be saved.

Sep 3, 2013

How I became ... Reformed!

New show!Geneva Journeys [09/01/2013]
The BPR hosts share their individual journeys as to how they became Reformed in their theology. Bob, Vermon and Vocab tell their stories and struggles and why they think embracing the doctrines of grace is significant.                   


                DOWNLOAD IT ALL HERE

Sep 2, 2013

Nylonase & Evolution

If you ask an evolutionist to give an empirical example of new genetic information being added to an organism, they will often refer to Nylon-Eating Bacteria. Here are some quick links for resources to this claim ...
The "go-to" paper on this:
The adaptation of bacteria to feeding on nylon waste by

A decent treatment as well ...

Why Scientists Should NOT Dismiss Intelligent Design
- A response to Ken Miller's use of this by William Dembski

This video explains what evolutionists are talking about and why it is incorrect

ICR's brief but clear take: Nylon-Eating Bacteria and Evolutionary Progress
by Brian Thomas

Brief response by AIG's Georgia Purdom and
here is AIG's More technical response to the larger issues involved.

A few more video links:

Debunking Nylonase  (short and to the point)

Nylonase is not new information (kind of lame but also kind of helpful)

And here is the last video. It is a bit over-the-top, but still helpful.

Last but not least ...
from Wikipedia:
"A 2007 paper that described a series of studies by a team led by Seiji Negoro of the University of Hyogo, Japan, suggested that in fact no frameshift mutation was involved in the evolution of the 6-aminohexanoic acid hydrolase." (see the full entry for counter-responses, especially the ones at TalkOrigins).

Sep 1, 2013

Just Got Accepted @Talbot

I am still at Phoenix Seminary (going for the M.Div) but I am also going for this:


We know ministry is challenging. The need for wise and skillful ministry is great. Talbot can help. Our Doctor of Ministry program is designed to help experienced ministers to minister even more effectively. Our program is designed to allow you to continue in your full time ministry while you learn, reflect, and polish the gifts God has given you. We ask you to come to campus only two weeks a year, for training by some of the world’s best faculty in small classes filled with people who are passionate about the same things you are passionate about. Our location, just outside the great city of Los Angeles, makes it easy for people from all over the world to come and learn with us. The cost of the program is modest, and the value of what you learn is priceless. We invite you to join us and “fan into flame the gift of God that is in you” (2Timothy 1:6).
Click on the link below to watch some videos on it ...


Engaging Mind & Culture is a Doctor of Ministry track designed to give you the tools you need to engage the minds you minister to and those you would like to. It will give you access to the resources of the world’s largest Christian Philosophy program. This is an opportunity to be mentored by some of the ablest minds in evangelicalism today: J.P. Moreland and Garry DeWeese. Their goal is to help inspire genuine spiritual and intellectual maturity in you and your people.

Year One: Understanding Worldviews & Culture

In the first week you will begin to gain confidence in engaging worldviews in a way that is culturally conversant, theologically informed, and philosophically savvy. We will examine the foundations of the two major worldviews that rival Christianity and shape our culture: naturalism and postmodernism.
During week two, you will learn how to think “Christianly” in the midst of worldview conflict and cultural chaos. Four areas will be examined: 1) crucial notions in metaphysics relevant to preaching, reality, truth, love, life after death, and God himself; 2) key concepts in epistemology, 3) the nature of consciousness and human persons, and 4) important issues in science and religion, reductionism, and the Intelligent Design debate.

Aug 31, 2013

Amazing Quotes from Dawkins on "Design"

Recently an atheist launched this ad hominem attack on me as we were discussing Design vs. Darwinism: "Vocab is operating under a massive set of cognitive biases and his level of intellectual honesty is severely lacking (on this particular issue). He has started with a desired conclusion, and he will do anything to make it 'appear' to fit -- which is exactly backwards from how science actually works."

My response: "If that's what your psychoanalysis and that's what you're into, then it would be futile for me to answer back to you. But I wonder if the other side is more guilty of your aforementioned charges? Examples from Dawkins:

from The Blind Watchmaker
"Biology is the study of complex things that appear to have been designed for a purpose" p 1

"All appearances to the contrary, the only watchmaker in nature is the blind forces of physics, albeit deployed in a very special way." p 5

"We have seen that living things are too improbable and too beautifully 'designed' to have come into existence by chance. How, then, did they come into existence? The answer, Darwin's answer, is by gradual, step-by-step transformations from simple beginnings, from primordial entities sufficiently simple to have come into existence by chance." p 43

"Darwinism is the only known theory that is in principle capable of explaining certain aspects of life... even if there were no actual evidence in favor of the Darwinian theory." p 287-288

"The theory of evolution by cumulative natural selection is the only theory we know of that is in principle capable of explaining the existence of organized complexity. Even if the evidence did not favor it, it would still be the best theory available!" p 317

from Climbing Mount Improbable
"Designed objects look designed, so much so that some people- probably, alas, most people - think that they are designed. These people are wrong..." p 4-5

"Nobody knows how it happened but, somehow, without violating the laws of physics and chemistry, a molecule arose that just happened to have the property of self-copying - a replicator" p 282-3

For some more excerpts from Dawkins on this, go here to this link

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