Sep 2, 2013

Nylonase & Evolution

If you ask an evolutionist to give an empirical example of new genetic information being added to an organism, they will often refer to Nylon-Eating Bacteria. Here are some quick links for resources to this claim ...
The "go-to" paper on this:
The adaptation of bacteria to feeding on nylon waste by

A decent treatment as well ...

Why Scientists Should NOT Dismiss Intelligent Design
- A response to Ken Miller's use of this by William Dembski

This video explains what evolutionists are talking about and why it is incorrect

ICR's brief but clear take: Nylon-Eating Bacteria and Evolutionary Progress
by Brian Thomas

Brief response by AIG's Georgia Purdom and
here is AIG's More technical response to the larger issues involved.

A few more video links:

Debunking Nylonase  (short and to the point)

Nylonase is not new information (kind of lame but also kind of helpful)

And here is the last video. It is a bit over-the-top, but still helpful.

Last but not least ...
from Wikipedia:
"A 2007 paper that described a series of studies by a team led by Seiji Negoro of the University of Hyogo, Japan, suggested that in fact no frameshift mutation was involved in the evolution of the 6-aminohexanoic acid hydrolase." (see the full entry for counter-responses, especially the ones at TalkOrigins).

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