Sep 3, 2013

How I became ... Reformed!

New show!Geneva Journeys [09/01/2013]
The BPR hosts share their individual journeys as to how they became Reformed in their theology. Bob, Vermon and Vocab tell their stories and struggles and why they think embracing the doctrines of grace is significant.                   


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  1. Hi, I am a student at Maranatha Baptist Seminary, I just recently found you guys through the podcast app on my iPad and I am loving your program! It is like having three extra professors. You make doctrine and apologetics so much fun! Although I have agreed with almost everything you have said I do have a couple questions about your Geneva Journey’s episode. Vocab said that he used to be in a dispensationalist church but has become more reformed because it is more biblical. However, you guys didn’t explain what makes it more biblical. Maybe Vocab could explain what made him see reformed theology as being more biblical than dispensationalism.


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