Aug 18, 2013

What is "nature"?

 Is its order self-contained? Or does its order come from the outside? If so, creation is a better word than nature. Naturalism is like the pagan idolatry of old, making the world ultimate. Scientific naturalism claims that nature is self-sufficient. 
Scientists who uphold Intelligent Design see empirically detectable evidences of an intelligent agent’s activity. Forensic science already does this and the key underlying factor is always information. Below is a KEY PARAGRAPH from William Dembski on this:

“Science, we are told, studies natural causes, whereas to introduce God is to invoke supernatural causes. This is the wrong contrast. The proper contrast is between natural causes on the one hand and intelligent causes on the other. Intelligent causes can do things that natural causes cannot. Natural causes can throw Scrabble pieces on the board but cannot arrange the pieces to form meaningful words or sentences. To obtain a meaningful arrangement requires an intelligent cause. Whether an intelligent cause operates within or outside nature (i.e., is respectfully natural or supernatural) is a separate question entirely from whether an intelligent cause has operated.” (Page 105 in INTELLIGENT DESIGN).
   Intelligent Design does not stop science (as critics often charge) because ID engages in reverse engineering to get at the “how” questions. Darwinism has many problems and part of what ID does is point out these flaws; in response, Neo-Darwinists attempt to define ID as unscientific. 

To allow full inquiry and discovery to take place within science, we need to dump the reigning paradigm which rules out intelligence as a cause out of hand. 

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