Aug 30, 2013

Demonstration of how men really like abortion

First, read Can You Define the Relationship? 
 Do you think this guy's motivation is altruistic? Is homicide a favor to the victim?

The language of fetus as a 'potential child' is very imprecise. The language of fetus as not yet a person is even sloppier. These anthropological misconceptions are needed to 'defend' abortion but are indefensible on any logical or moral grounds.

All Pinker's HOW THE MIND WORKS show is that ethics derived from Neo-Darwinism are dead before they even have a chance to live ... I guess one could say Darwinian morality is "self-abortive".

Ask about animals and laws for their protection: Is the fetus an anima? If so, what kind, what species? Either way they answer, it's really a catch-22 for their position.

Ask: do you have any science to demonstrate a fetus is not Alive? If a fetus is not alive then what is it? Dead? Then why is it growing? In what way is it like an organ? It has its own individual DNA! It's basic biology that the baby's DNA is distinct from the mom's. And why do people need to "terminate" anything in an abortion if nothing is alive? Every abortion stops a beating heart as well as brain waves.   

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