Jul 12, 2013

What If Shockwave Rap Battled Cobra Commander?

Transformer Raps? ... yeah, I write 'em ...

You’re not my Commander, you’re not too brave
You’re a ready-made slave to the god Shockwave
Laser rays blaze, make a snake-face his grave
My laser lights up like a human holiday
Hey! Check it, my legs are a gun
Transform my form, put a Cobra on the run
Red-rum, red-rum humans are so dumb
How dare you defy my silicon wisdom?!
In the words of my man "You’re Inferior"
Decepticon forever! We superior!
In your area, hunt for energon
Make earth Cybertron for the don Megatron
Well, for now unless the time becomes ...
Right for me to make it my own kingdom
My name is Shockwave the purple ray gun!

Been killing Autobots since the days of Ronald Reagan

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