Jul 3, 2013

The Impact of a 2-year Old Debate!

Now that the videos are finally done from the debate Jeff Durbin and I did with two atheists over 2 years ago  (and it is finally up on YouTube), feedback continues to pour in. Some of it is actually old but since I just now found it, I thought I would share it!

Here is the link to the blog post / debate review ... or read it below ...

On Friday April 1st, a few of my good friends Vocab Malone and Jeff Durbin were on the panel to debate two local atheists from Arizona on the topic of: What makes more sense: Christianity or Atheism. This was not the first time they have debated. You could spot them on Mill Ave defending the faith against these fellow atheists. The Lord had blessed this night and the turnout was so amazing they live streamed the debate because every seat was packed. 

You can listen to the whole debate here and see photo's here.
[note: or watch the videos here and here]

Continue to pray for our dear brothers that the Lord would continue to give them the strength and boldness to share the gospel to the lost in this fallen world and also pray for the two atheists (Omar and Sean) that the Lord would change their hearts of stone and that they would repent and put their trust in the only God who reigns yesterday, today, and forever!

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