Jul 4, 2013

The Church as FAMILY

"In the family mutual relationships are inescapable. The church at its best reflects all that is noblest and most worthwhile in human family life: attitudes of caring and mutual regard; understanding of needs, whether physical or of the spirit; and above all the sense of ‘belonging’ to a social unit in which we find acceptance without pretense or make-believe … always in the hope that we can learn from one another and mature as we grow into our Elder Brother’s likeness." – Ralph Martin, The Family and the Fellowship

"Now that God has made us his sons and daughters through Jesus Christ, the church is the Christian’s first family. It takes precedence even over one’s biological or nuclear family. If anyone understood the family of God, it was Paul. It seems the apostle had the largest extended family in the Roman world. In fact, there are more than a hundred references to brothers and sisters in the writings of Paul. In other words, the church is not just like a family; it is his family." – Philip Graham Ryken, Reformed Expository Commentary on 1 Timothy

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