Jul 26, 2013


What follows is part of my story of how I came to Christ. 

I was blessed to have parents who were not hypocrites or “Sunday-only” Christians, but modeled true love and integrity to my wonderful sister and me. This deeply impacted me and led me to see the reality of the God of the Bible. Even though they guided me, I eventually made my own decisions. They never forced me to do anything (well, relatively speaking) and taught me to think for myself.

I was blessed indeed to grow up learning about the things of God but sometime in Middle School, I began to idolize hip hop culture. Every aspect of it dominated my thoughts and goals. This “worship” increased as I began High School. At first I went to a private school but got kicked out because of my rebellious attitude. Eventually two main things “got” me: several relationships with unsaved girlfriends and painting graffiti on city walls. The first landed me in spiritual compromise, the second in court and community service. Some things happened which The Lord used to shake me up and forced me to take spiritual inventory. The big turning point was the summer in between my junior and senior years in high school and the second was halfway through my community college experience. By God’s grace, I finally truly repented and decided to go all out for Christ, although this process took some time.

For example, I asked to Lord to help me to erase any minute but lingering doubts about Christianity. This is when I became interested in origins, doctrine, history, and apologetics. That questioning process as a late teen has influenced me even now to learn more about the Truth of God’s Word so that I may help others in a similar position.

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