Jul 31, 2013

feedback on latest Backpack Radio shows

Tim Peirce in Derry, New Hampshire

I like your podcast so keep it up. … BTW, I'm not Reformed, nor into hip hop nor urban. But apologetics is apologetics and it's great to hear the faith defended. Thanks again.
OT Archaeology
I just recently listened to the podcast on OT Archaeology with Doug Powell. 

I have been listening to the podcasts for a couple of years. You guys really help me get through grading some tough assignments.  I am currently an adjunct professor in the Humanities department at a community college( I teach Critical Thinking and in the past Ethics and Moral Theories).  Nuff said!

Troy Lafferty
Newark, Ohio


Christian Burton
Tujunga, California
Great interview, Keep up the good fight Chris. Love the new intro by CDZ!


John Schroeder
in Rancho Cucamonga, California
I heard about your show after Vocab was on Apologetics 315. Love the show. I love church history. it was interesting to hear about Clement’s views on the atonement and on grace.
I heard Greg Koukl and Frank Turek and James Wallace interview Stephen Meyer but yours was the best of them all. They did a good job but yours was the most informative by the questions you asked, especially the part where you said ID wasn't a God of the gaps thing and how he used their ways of science to get the answers even if they came to different conclusions.


Mark Anthony Songer of South Carolina
Enjoyed that show. Part of the charm of the show that separates it from other apologetic podcasts is the good natured banter and the obviously friendly relationship the three of you have. I would miss that. In fact, I think each guest should be required to answer one geek question GO TEAM GEEK! BTW: My favorite GI Joe member was Snake Eyes

April Hedrick of Phoenix, AZ
Just listened to the show. I thought it was great and Sarah and her ministry are so needed! As a mom, who answers the doors to the Jehovah's Witnesses I appreciate the exhortation to be better prepared to make a defense of the faith and point them to Christ. On the website there is a great list of books for children to help them be grounded in apologetics. They are divided into age groups- the first one being age 2 and up. It really never is too early!

Cindy Fretheim Stokes from Austin Texas
I am a female apologist myself and I sooo enjoy your show - you have great guests …

SEX DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE show – June 30th - Sex, Divorce & Remarriage [06/30/2013]
Richard Lam of New City Church
You'll dig Backpack Radio.
They have an 'urban flair.’
Good talk on marriage.
Check it out.
Love these guys.
Catholic University of America
Love the show. Always interesting, entertaining, thoughtful & informative. Just listened to the Sex, Divorce, & Remarriage podcast. … God bless you all (especially "Vermin") and your ministry.

Scripture clearly slams the door shut on remarriage.
Jesus calls remarriage after a divorce, adultery.
I wonder how many people would give up and divorce if they knew they were forbidden to remarry. SOURCE:


Shasta Faye
in Lafayette, Indiana
I had to come from Apologia Radio page to see what you're all about!!!!! ;)
Trilene Carson via Facebook
Backpack Radio! Hi Guys! Great rivalry, it's fun listening to you guys. I heard about you from Jeff Durbin Radio...err, Apologia Radio. :-)
Rob-roy Nelson from Mesa, AZ
I did like how Pastor Bob played the "Titus 2:6-8" card (implicitly) in responding to Luke's "what's up dog!" approach. But don't make me take sides...

Alex Martell
From South Venice, Florida
I love both shows and love that both shows are really reaching out into this broken, backwards culture to profess the truth of Jesus Christ to the world! I don't care who has whose guests, style, or how many likes they have on Facebook. I just care about equipping Christians and bringing people to Christ! I'm sure you guys are doing this all in good fun … It was a genius idea of show promotion! You guys basically forced Apologia's hand (gladly, on both sides, of course) to promote you guys in three of their segments! Plus, I thought it just added a little something, something to both shows.
Luke Pierson Pastor Bob is low down and dirty...it's on like Donkey Kong!

Alex McConnehey
in Fort Wayne, Indiana
 I just listened to it this morning. I have to say that I find it interesting that people are overlooking the obvious reason for kids to stay in public schools or private schools. If we pull all our Christian kids out to homeschool them who's going to witness to those public school or private school kids? I understand the good reasons for homeschooling but what homeschoolers are going to be able to reach public school kids who never walk into a church? Street witnessing certainly would not be enough. Just my thoughts, great program though. You guys are way superior to Apologia radio.

Robert Esparza III
El Paso, TX
Most school-aged children are not equipped, are not sufficiently trained up, to be witnesses in the public school. The command is for us to educate our children so that they develop a biblical worldview. A godless school system is not going to do that.

Vocab, I'm still pretty new with Christian Apologetics and only recently started engaging non-believers with what I'm learning.  I find myself getting really fired up inside with [atheist] blog articles and comments.
As someone who has engaged in all sorts of debates, how do you know when to stop with any particular debate or discussion?

I find myself in a position of questioning whether to keep pursuing or just walking away.  In your experience, how do you know when you're done?

Jim from Colorad

From B Strong

Hi Vocab, pastor Rob and Pieier, this is Brett Strong...has Valley Girl lost her mind? Postulating Christianity as if everyone's happy go lucky and atheist are the only ones who get their ass kicked in life....who is she trying to fool? Vocab, she needs to be honest!~ don't promote Christianity to be something it is not! Has she read Apostle Paul? the dude was a mess! Mother Teresa, a mess! John Calvin, a mess! Martin Luther, a mess! Charles Spurgeon, a mess! And these people all dedicated their life for Christendom and still a mess! They themselves admitted this, not me but them themselves (and you know this Vocab)! ...but yet she calls out a few atheist who are disillusioned with their life but yet fails to mention Apostle Paul, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther, & Charles Spurgeon--the big boys of Christendom! ALL disillusioned! All suffered depression, deep depression! ...is it any wonder up to 95% of the Christian youth leave Christianity by college?  ...when Christians fail to be publically honest--and atheist and agnostics (like Bart Ehrman) are brutally honest...even when it hurts! equals mass exodus of the youth...

Brett Strong! ...willing to take on all Christians in Skype dialogue :-) ...later guys

Greg Harvey in Columbia, Missouri
Subject: feedback on latest Backpack Radio show
To: "
vpierre@rooseveltchurch.org" <vpierre@rooseveltchurch.org>

Hello. I had a pretty long response in the comments and it looks like 
it might have been cut off. I didn't want to lose what I wrote to you 
so I want to send it to you in case there was a problem. You can 
forward it to Vocab if you need to. Thanks. 
I think I've heard Stephen Meyer interviewed on his book at least three 
times before this interview and you still were able to bring up info 
that was new to me. Great job.

I will say that I think you were stretching on your idea that a YEC 
could apply presuppositional apologetics (PA) and use the evolutionary 
worldview against them. Well... not so fast. Doesn't PA rest upon the 
impossibility of the contrary? If you do show that evolution is false, 
be sure that you don't assume that means YEC is true, just that ID is 
true, because that is the contrary position to evolution, not YEC. 
That's why a lot of YEC folks don't like ID either, it doesn't get them 
the whole enchilada. 

I think YEC foks do a good job challenging a lot of assumptions, like 
fossils having to be really old, that uniformitarianism is true, and the 
like. But proving that sedimentary layers somewhere result from a 
catastrophic event like a flood doesn't prove it was Noah's flood or 
follows a YEC time frame. 

I have one story to share. I was on an Oregon beach and I picked up 
this crumbly black rock and I broke it open in my hands and it had live 
mussels in it. Hmmm. That's a pretty quick rock and I bet those 
mussels could be fossils in a few years from what I've learned BUT it 
doesn't prove that trilobites are only 10,000 years old. I hear a lot 
of false claims from both sides and I'm turned off by a lot of rhetoric 
especially from Ken Hamm, whose ads are 90% complaints of 'compromise' 
by those who believe in millions of years. Methinks he doth protest too 
much. Just as some still lump all amillenialists with the original 
amill liberals, many YEC believe all OEC are liberal in regards to the 
Bible and won't listen to our considered exegesis of these texts. Some 
even make it a litmus test question of having a Christian Worldview 
(Brannon House). 

Greg Koukl interviewed one of the authors of "In the Beginning... We 
Misunderstood" and it sounds like they really might be onto something 
about our exegesis of Genesis, in that we need to take into account the 
original audience. I've not read the book yet but there are a lot of 
heated condemnations of the book in the Amazon reviews, though I doubt 
they read it. 

I realize that I have criticized a couple YEC folks by name so I'll try 
to add some balance with a critique I have for Hugh Ross and Reasons To 
Believe. It has been shown that a large percentage of scientific 
researchers have fudged data to support their desired results. I think 
RTB accepts too much data at face value and aren't skeptical enough of 
many flawed or fraud studies. I think a lot of the dating of fossils 
and rock layers is wildly subjective and then reinforced more by peer 
pressure than science. I think it is more likely that we still have an 
old earth but maybe only a tenth as old and many features of it could 
have relatively recent origin but the amount of actual evidence for 
everything being less than ten thousand years is scant by comparison. 

I still love you guys and you do a great show -- 
-- one of your mailman apologists, former computer programmer and even 
more former Chemistry major. Greg Harvey in Columbia, Missouri.

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