Jul 5, 2013

Autobot Rock: Who Am I?

Yes, I wrote a Transformer rap verse ... who is speaking here?

Rolling with a squad down the block when we rock
gotta save the earth the Deceptibot flock
is on the prowl so now I change in to a cop
car yes I are up to par with the Shock
Wave and Star Scream I’m a car on the scene
with my man Hound he’s a jeep colored green
We’re a recon team red and blue high beam
my face is the basis for the Autobot team
flash now we dash past a tuck Motor Mast
-er we swerve to the curb real fast
like Blur but we sure to serve and protect
hit the Stunticon’s neck with a blast from my weap-
on, acid pellets and missles hit the deck
logic is the best tool what did you expect?
Strategy and tactics are what I think about
until the fateful day when smoke is coming out my mouth
Who is this?

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