Jul 2, 2013

Adams and Chambers Quotes

“If Jesus Christ cannot deliver from sin, if He cannot adjust us perfectly to God as He says He can, if He cannot fill us with the Holy [Spirit] until there is nothing that can ever appeal again in sin or the world or the flesh, then He has misled us.” – Oswald Chambers, God’s Workmanship

“The Gospel, the good news that Christ triumphed over sin and all its effects, is the soil out of which hope grows; it is central to all hope. Colossians 1, for example, speaks of 'the hope of the gospel'. The Christian’s hope brings him the assurance that because Christ died for his sins he shall have eternal life, and that at death his spirit shall be made perfect. But he also has hope that now he may overcome much of the misery into which sin has plunged him; especially misery resulting from personal sin. Christ not only offers pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die, but he says that Christians may begin slicing in this life.”  - Jay E. Adams,Competent to Counsel 

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