Jun 2, 2013

Reflections on Weddings

As I think about what a wedding signifies, it is then beginning of a new thing – a new family, a new union. It is the seal of a covenant, the stating of a promise, the culmination of one commitment (bethrothal) and an embarking on a new journey as well. It is a time of celebration and coming together of families in an important way. Weddings are to be joyous and should mark out a clear commitment to God, each other and also to the community. It is done in the presence of witnesses and people who are to join in on the fun of the occasion. Even though it is filled with merriment, it is not mere frivolity or shallow revelry but rather it is exciting because of the deepness of the moment and how it propels the couple’s love into the future – they are on a trajectory together now and forever.

This is why it makes perfect sense for Jesus to choose this moment to begin his ministyr rather than one of entertainment (a sporting event or the theatre). This moment is more consensual than a child dedication and more happy than a funeral.

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