Jun 16, 2013

Helping those in Need - Like Mary, Like Jesus

Only Mary took the time to honor and love Jesus during the most difficult season of his life. We are often called to serve when our own needs feel unmet. Jesus cared for the Samaritan woman, despite being exhausted and thirsty.

It is neat how Jesus had all these unique relationships with so many different kinds of people. Yet it “worked”. John, Peter, Lazarus, his mother, Mary … it is pretty amazing. At this moment, we see that special connection between Jesus and Mary – no, not the kind of connection hinted at in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR but something pure and whole and beautiful. Did she “sense” his state at that time? Was she led by the Spirit? Either way, her need to express her love, worship, adoration and deep gratitude poured out in a creative way in John 12. Others did not appreciate this act of service for whatever reason. But we do know that Jesus did and that is what matters, of course. He did not mind an elaborate display of compassion and thankfulness towards his person – after all, he is worthy!

 I pray that this wonderful account will inspire and challenge us to act in a similar way towards our Lord. Oh, that I would develop an attitude that proclaims, “I will go all out to love him, to make him happy, no matter what, or who, or come what may – I will praise and serve and love him with all my heart!” Just like Mary at Bethany.

The interaction between Jesus and the Samaritan woman is such a beautiful text because Jesus deals with her so masterfully. He is compassionate and yet firm when he needs to be. He cares enough for her that he goes after what is important and most helpful to her, not what she thought she needed or wanted to discuss. He made her his priority even if she did not realize that. He went against social norms to care for her and yet called her out on her sin – again, because he loved her. The wonderful thing is that it worked! Praise God! Although, Jesus never did get his drink of water.

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