Jun 1, 2013

A Letter to a Mentor

Dear Unnamed Mentor,

I recently graduated and it caused me to do some reflection. One thing I thought about was how you took on the role of being my mentor. I was glad you said yes so I did not have to ask a stranger or someone whom I did not respect as much! I also was glad because I knew it was not only a chance to grow but a chance to get to know you and your family better. I was glad that you allowed me “in” in that way and I know I benefited greatly from it. I learned about how to think about theology and the practice in the church better. I learned about being faithful in ministry and gracious towards others more – to try to see where they are coming from. I learned about how to balance “job” and pastoral calling. I thank you for letting me see the example of Christ in you as you modeled it in these key ways. I really did learn a lot about what it means to have pastoral responsibilities for a flock and how to think about the importance of tradition as well as being willing to be “flexible” for the sake of mission (yet without compromise).

I just wanted to thank you for these things so you are aware I am grateful. I am not done but am happy to be at this stage. I know that you were a great equipper in enabling me to arrive at this place. I mean, there are even a lot of little things I am thankful for as well, like how you always made time in your schedule no matter what so that we could meet. You always filled out all the paperwork in a timely way and never complained even though at times it was grueling and sometimes I got it to you way late in the game. So thank you for maintaining a helpful and humble attitude no matter what – I praise God for you and your service!

Be Blessed,


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