May 31, 2013

Reflecting on Creation

The main aspect of creation which helps me think about the Lord’s hand in creation is that of humankind. I have thought a lot about what constitutes a person and why it matters. I have reflected on how we differ from mere animals in significant ways. I have thought about our actual physical bodies – the beauty of what God has done in crafting us. I have contemplated much on our minds – how our mind is not just our brain and how our mind is more than material reacting. These are things that show The Word’s wisdom and love towards us. We as people are blessed, so beautiful and amazing in so many ways. Yes, we are fallen and yes, we abuse ourselves and each other but we are still the artwork of Jesus Christ and His Father. This whole line of thought is astounding and Psalm 139 reflects this. In fact, I actually wrote a rap version of Psalm 139 in light of John 1 as I meditated on this. 

I would like to share it:
Genesis 1 - God speaks revelation
Imago Dei - the peak of creation
This means that man was made in God’s image
Not vegetation, not maize, not spinach!
More than a plant or a mere animal
Not a robot and not mechanical
Follicles, cuticles - all beautiful
Musical, unusual - all suitable
Made by the God who is inscrutable
He says, “I formed you with a job to do”
See, God is the shaper of our toes and our heart
He is the sower of our innermost parts
Read the text and examine it:
We’re animate, not inanimate
We’re not just mere matter in motion
We’re not just more data from oceans
Glorious ruin; human; His likeness
Made to relate and love what’s righteous
O! You have searched me! When I sit! When I rise!
When I stand! When I lay! When I live! When I die
Now, I think a thought but I forgot what for
Not you, O LORD, you know me evermore
You hold me close and cover my soul
You know my road, so where shall I go?
Sheol? I flow back up with wings
You are there (where?), in the bright morning!
I stand in the plan of your strong right hand
You knit me together and indeed I am
Wonderful work so fearfully made
My frame was hidden in the womb I laid
Knit and woven but kept a secret
Unformed yet, you knew and peeped it
Believe it, my book was written
You knew me, you know me, I was not hidden
We are dust plus life just trust in Christ
Psalm 139, all right, all right …

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