May 4, 2013

Backpack Radio: In the Light of Day

Tomorrow I will post a critical review  letter we at BACKPACK RADIO received. It is from a New Testament expert and a professor at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona. He is also an atheist.

First, here is his preface to his responsa to "Truth: What it Look (sic) Like."

When I sat down to write my commentary on "The New Atheistic Morality," I first listened to some of the podcast on Truth. After a few minutes and a few notes, I was drawn in and decided to continue with commentary on this podcast. See attached for the completed notes and criticisms. MY NOTE: I WILL POST THIS TOMORROW!

Feel free to share this document with your panel members, because the words and claims of Bob and Vermon are included in my responsa. MY NOTE: I WILL POST THIS TOMORROW!

I figured that this commentary would serve as a useful introduction to my stance and thinking on the matter
of Bible, apologetics, etc. Plus, it leads nicely into a fuller defense of atheism on the radio show.

P.S. I watched the recent "A Cold Hard Fact . . ." And I find it interesting and somewhat ironic that you guys would advocate reading Nietzsche (with his explicit nihilism) over against Harris. As a serious fan of the
former for half my life, I have to agree with your advocacy on a certain level, but at least Harris is easier to digest (for most readers anyway) and perhaps more positive in the end.

A Cold Hard Fact For Atheism... With A Little Help From Nietzsche from Backpack Radio on Vimeo.

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