May 17, 2013

BACK PACK RADIO: Biblical Church Government [audio]

In case ya' don't know, I co-host a weekly hour-long radio program on 1360 KPXQ called BACK PACK RADIO; a unique radio show that covers theology, faith, and culture with a fresh urban slant.

This Sunday's show will be about the role of deacons and elders. For a great prep show, I am linking to a past show where we talked about Biblical Church Government. We asked if there Is Such a thing and ... Who’s Really In Charge Here? To summarize, we posited that the Biblical model is Elders, Deacons, and nothing else (oh my!).

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  1. Could not get MP3 Link to work from Ohio

    1. I apologize for that, the links have been updated - try it again!

      thank you so much - jmr


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