Apr 25, 2013

Why Johnny Can't Preach? [interview + show notes]

I never posted the show notes for this episode but I just realized I have them - so here they are!

So Why Can't Johnny Preach? [03/20/2011]
BACKPACK RADIO INTERVIEWS Guest(s): Professor of Religion and Greek at Grove City College, T. David Gordon. Reference(s): Why Johnny Can't Preach by T. David Gordon. Run Time: 42:56

Link: http://backpack.podbean.com/2011/03/22/why-cant-johnny-preach-03202011/
Download: http://backpack.podbean.com/mf/web/3sxbm/3-20-2011-BPR.mp3


Segment A (13 min)

So Why Can’t Johnny Preach?

- So what is the problem with preaching today?

- What’s happening in the culture that’s degrading the quality of preaching? What’s the
impact of media on people in general, and in particular the Christian preacher?

- Describe the typical preacher today – what’s his typical background, typical hobbies, typical approach to pastoring and preaching

- Why have we (the church) accepted such poor preaching?
Segment B (9 min)

What’s needed – Gospel-centered, Christ –exalting preaching

What we are getting (types of faulty preaching, what they are and why they are so bad)

            1. Moralistic preaching

            2. How to preaching

            3. Introspective preaching

            4. Culture war preaching

Segment C (6 min)

Why is preaching so important anyway? Why is preaching (i.e. 30-45 minute monologues) still relevant?

Segment D (14 min)

Practical steps - how to improve preaching in the US; how to stimulate/create a better culture for preaching?

1. What makes for a good sermon?

(Points made by Gordon: Does the significant point of the sermon arise out of the significant point of the text? If ten people are asked after the sermon what was the sermon about, will at least eight of them give the same answer? Does the sermon significantly engage the mind or is it full of commonplace-cliches, slogans and general truths? Do the earlier parts of the sermon contribute to the latter parts? Could the hearers compare notes and reproduce the outline of the sermon?)

2. What can help cultivate better sermons?

For the preacher? (Points made by Gordon: Asking for annual sermon reviews, developing the ability to read texts, developing to ability to write)

            a. What about his character?

            For the church in general?

a. Being aware of – and more wary of – the technology we use?

                        b. Preparing ourselves to listen to sermons, talking with one another
                        regularly about sermons

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