Feb 28, 2013


Lyrics by Vocab Malone
The word
The word and
The message
The message for
The world
The world in a
Mess Age
An age of mess with
The idol
The fake
The false
The hate
but wait …
It’s the message
The word From God
The man speaks His message
The message from God
God’s message to man
The plan For the planet
He planned it
Revelation revealed distilled and spoke from the mouth
The mouth of the man for
The man is a prophet
He reveals what the hand
Is doing and it’s moving
As the prophets foretold
Not for cash not for profit
Nor was it for gold
But for God cause from God
It was thought, wrought, and then given
The message to change the heart’s condition
And yes how its living
Sin since the beginning
But the message is given
Us both hope and judgment in wrath
Judgment mercy fury the message is math
Repentance plus grace equals forgiveness in the increase
And what’s the message you seek?
It’s the message of peace - The message –SALAAM

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