Feb 15, 2013

Soteriology PART 1

I believe election is where God sovereignly decrees or chooses some people to be saved (Acts 13:48). God’s grace is free and cannot be demanded; God is not obligated to save any. In his infinite wisdom and justice, God does indeed pass over others; he does not elect all and these are called the reprobate (Rom 9:17-18). These are not chosen for salvation and instead are justly punished for their sinful rebellion against God (Jude 4; 1 Pet 2:8).
I believe the gospel call is when God’s Word is proclaimed and the command to repent is given. The invitation for salvation includes the promise of forgiveness and eternal life (Rom 6:23). Effective calling is when God draws some (Matt 22:14) men to himself in order that they most certainly will respond with faith (Jn 6:44; Acts 16:14; Rom 8:30). Effective calling is not based on any merit (2 Tim 1:9; Jn 1:12-13) or worthiness of the creature but rather the free and sovereign purpose of the Triune God (Eph 1:11). 

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