Feb 9, 2013


I believe angels are real and operate in the unseen world. They are spiritual beings created by God (Col 1:16) and are personal being who possess emotions (Lk 15:10), intellect (2 Sam 14:20), and a will (2 Tim 2:26). Angels are immortal beings (Lk 20:36) with great power (Ps 103:20).  Angels do not marry (Matt 22:30). There are elect angels who serve God (Mk 8:38; Ps 103:20). These angels are holy angels (1 Tim 5:21) and they worship God (Ps 148:2). The elect angels declare the goodness of God’s character and the magnificence of his works (Rev 7:11-12). Elect angels serve God in their interactions with humans by delivering messages (Lk 1-2), transmitting God’s word (Heb 2:2), giving instructions (Matt 2: 13-14), protecting believers (Acts 5:19) and encouraging believers (Dan 10:12). God also uses elect angels to execute His holy judgment and wrath (2 Ki 19:35). When God allows humans to become aware of the reality of angels around them, the natural human reaction is fear and wonderment (Rev 19:10). 

        I believe there are angels who have left their proper abode (Jude 6) and are now called demons (Lk 8:2). These evil angels now work to get humans to rebel against God (1 Jn 3:8) and tempt humans to do evil (1 Pet 5:8). The Ruler of the Demons (Matt 12:24) – Satan – is also a personal being.  Satan was created by God (Ez 28:15) and his original state was flawless (Ez 28:2-14). Satan rejected his place and coveted God’s authority because of his sinful pride (Is 14:13-14). Satan’s rebellion resulted in his expulsion from God’s presence (Ez 28:17; Rev 9:11). Satan works in the world in direct opposition to God, His plan, and His people (Job 1-2; Rev 12:10). Satan’s final doom is already sealed; he will be bound and cast into the abyss for a thousand years (Rev 20:1-3). At the end of the thousand years, God will release Satan from the pit and allow Satan to lead the nations into one final rebellion (Rev 20:7-9). After that, Satan will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where he will be tormented for all eternity (Rev 20:10).

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