Jan 8, 2013

Saturday in Phoenix! "Can You Trust the Bible?" A Conversation with Drs. Peter Williams and Dirk Jongkind

Can You Trust the Bible?
A Conversation with Drs. Peter Williams and Dirk Jongkind
January 12, 2013, 8:30am - 1:00pm
The cost for this event is $20 and will be held at
Camelback Bible Church, 3900 E. Stanford Drive, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Topics to be discussed during the conference:
  • Can we trust the Bible as history?
  • Do we have the right books in the Bible?
  • Can we trust Jesus and the Gospels?
  • Has the text of the Bible been changed?
Dr. Williams is the Warden of Tyndale House and a Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen and a lecturer at University of Cambridge.  Williams earned his M.A., M. Phil. and Ph.D. at Cambridge University studying ancient languages.
Dr. Jongkind is a New Testament Research Fellow at Tyndale House and a Fellow of St. Edmund's College.  He earned his M.A. at Tyndale Theological Seminary and M. Phil. and Ph.D. at Cambridge University. some_text
Questions can be answered by calling 602-955-6370

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    The 67th book of the Bible has not been canonized as of now because this fictionalized book has not been completed. The 67th book is being written by men and is inspired by man's opinions. This book is post 100 AD until the the present.


    Denominations 1:1 And man said let us write our man-made creeds and traditions for men to invent their salvation. 2. Let us use church traditions to supersede the word of God. 3. Let us correct the errors that God has written in the first 66 books of the Bible. 4. Let us write a book that cannot be translated in error as were the first 66 books of the Bible. 5. Let us create various and sundry denominations with different plans of salvation. 6. Let us expose the faulty doctrine of Jesus and the apostles. 7. Let us name different denominations that express our individual man-made views about God, salvation, and the requirement for the forgiveness from sins. 8. Let us name these denominations:
    The Roman Catholic Church
    The Baptist Church
    The Methodist Church
    The Salvation Army
    The Seventh Day Adventist Church
    The Church of Latter Day Saints
    The Jehovah's Witness Church
    The Anglican Church
    The Pentecostal Church
    The Christian Science Church
    The Unitarian Universalist Church
    The Nazarene Church
    The Community Church

    The fictionalized Book of Denominations has not been canonized because men are still adding their man-made opinions.

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