Jan 21, 2013

Proverbs 25:1-27:27 JOURNAL

There are many good things in this section dealing with relationships: friends, family, employer/employee, and neighbors. One thing I can see is that it is not good for me to be friends with a true fool – they don’t take life seriously, they can affect me in all kinds of negative ways, they are often arrogant and they are not good friends anyway! The thing is, I also do not want to be this kind of “friend”. Sadly, I can think of a few friendships where I was this kind of person to my friend and it brings me much regret. Sometimes I do such sinful things, it feels as if I can’t help but just be stupid.

A relevant aspect of relationships found in these proverbs is that of gossip and its damaging effects. What was true in Solomon’s day is definitely true in ours as well, especially when technology can spread gossip within a matter of seconds half way around the world! Again, my reaction is that I pray I can avoid these kinds of fools as well as not be one myself.

One more reaction I have out of this reading is a bit of sadness and introspection … yes, I have Christ but I often feel alone in that I no longer have a friend who is like the wise friend described in Proverbs. My wife is close but just one male friend would help … like I used to have before, in my younger school days. Again, I do desire that I could also be a wise friend to others. To my wife and family, yes, but I desire at least one other brother in the Lord in that special way as well.

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