Jan 20, 2013

Proverbs 24:23-34 JOURNAL

I am a bit confused as to how one should divide up the proverbs - some are more obvious, such as the way the first nine chapters go together. I do recognize there is some degree of simple choice in the divisions, like much of scripture.

I do not want to over analyze that too much at this point, as I really do desire to focus on how this part of God’s Word is impacting my heart and bringing glory to him. I can say I have enjoyed this super saturation of proverbs a lot – it has really helped bring the book into clearer focus and now has all kinds of wise sayings running around in my head. I just pray the Lord helps me apply it how I should, as I know he is faithful to do.

One important proverb here stood out to me which was about proper preparation (verse 27). I know I don’t do this enough and it results in messed up work sometimes. This is a big deal especially in church ministry, since the work is so important. What I mean is that is has such potential to impact people’s very soul! I also think the proverbs about relations between neighbors are important and very practical.

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