Jan 19, 2013

Proverbs 22:17-24:22 JOURNAL

These proverbs are definitely on scattered and sundry issues but several topics do pop up repeatedly.

For example, I saw several layers of instructions dealing with food and wine. How are we to dine with the rich? What should our attitude towards food be and how should we view strong drink? Well, I can see that I should be prudent in the way I conduct myself when I eat with the wealthy. The thing is, this hasn’t happened a lot in my life and it was difficult for me to think of how it went!

Further, I am unsure whether the instruction to eat modestly was to just have good manners in some way or more to keep you from falling in love with expensive food. I’m still trying to figure out some of the etiquette instructions here, are they more to give you good manners or more to help you temper your desires – or somehow both? Maybe they all for all those who may struggle with overindulgence, similar to the advice to not lust after alcohol or to hang out with those who do.

 I tend to think there is a similar idea in mind, that of restraining lust for these pleasures. This of course, is very sound. Personally, I don’t drink alcohol or like super fancy food but I definitely have an issue with over eating and eating things based on cravings versus using wisdom in what and when I should and should not eat.

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  1. Food is a problem I know all to well!


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