Jan 15, 2013

Proverbs 1:8-9:18 JOURNAL

In this section, two main themes crisscross: the value of wisdom and the destructive power of sexual sin, especially adultery. These are two very important issues. Perhaps if one lacks self-control in the area of sexuality one is almost by definition, a fool. It seems these two things are related.

This is very challenging to all of us - especially us males! Especially us biblically trained males in spiritual leadership. How can I think I’m wise if I can’t control my eyes? How can I act as if I truly value the beauty of wisdom if my head is filled with lustful scenarios and my heart is pumping out sexual filth? I cannot – none of us can, and yet we do! No, not all of us, and no, not all of the time, but why should I kid myself? When my sex drive is dominating my inner man, then I am allowing my own sinful desires to be in charge – and that must mean at that point I despise wisdom. How could I say I love it when my thoughts and actions prove contrary? Again, I can’t!

O Lord, help me- help us to be different. Help us to love wisdom according to your definition, for that is the only one that matters.

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