Jan 13, 2013

Proverbs 1:1-7 JOURNAL

I never realized how much of an abstract or a purpose statement Proverbs has in the beginning. It is very helpful, as it tells the reader what the point of the book is and one would hope that it is something everyone would be interested in. Of course, I know that is not the case – even with believers and even within my own soul.

The key here is fearing Yahweh; in fact, that is only the beginning of true wisdom. However, it is foolish to shun the words of this book. I know it is easy for me to hypocritically point the proverbial finger at others and silently say, “you don’t read your Bible enough” (the implication being that I do, when I don’t), or, “you don’t believe the Bible (like I do) and that is foolish”. Yet I know deep down in my heart of hearts that even when I do read through Scripture there are all kinds of things that I don’t heed myself. There are many commands I don’t pay attention to or think deeply on. If I really believed the introduction to Proverbs like I say I do, then I know my heart would be different.

So I really do pray that this the Holy Spirit bends me towards leaning more on God’s wisdom and much less on my own.

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