Jan 16, 2013

Proverbs 10:1-15:33 JOURNAL

In this section, the proverb form has begun in earnest. I never realized the book has a basic structure which can be discerned easier when the book is carefully read through consecutively.

As far as my reaction, the big thing I left with was I should talk less and listen more! I don’t think the instructions about being slow to speak and what not are designed to make us passive but rather wiser, as our general tendency is to just start babbling; Proverbs say this is foolish.

I also see more and more how important it is to not lose my temper, as there are plenty of places where that type of thing in word or in deed is viewed as foolishness – and it is.

The other main thing I thought as I read this section was how I should commit more of the Proverbs to memory. I can think of so many situations I have been in (in fact, even in this past week) where it would have been so fitting to either out loud say or in my head quote one of these verses. It would give me wisdom and the others around wisdom in what to do and about how to think about the situation. I know this book can help us all do that better.

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