Dec 22, 2012


I believe the incarnation was completely voluntary and was ordained to come to pass by the Triune God in eternity past. The Son did not lose or diminish any of his deity when He took on the role of a servant (human) but rather He simply added humanity to His eternal deity (Phil 2:5-8). In Jesus, the divine and human natures are fully joined together in one person, without conflict or confusion. The divine and human nature are united together in the one person of Jesus Christ and yet they exist side by side, “without division, without separation”, as the Council of Chalcedon worded it in 451. While Jesus was on earth, He was subject to hunger (Lk 4:2), thirst (Jn 19:28), and death and yet He was completely perfect (Heb 4:15). Jesus was tempted (Lk 4:1-13) and yet He was without sin. Jesus was not even able to sin because He was not only fully man but also fully God - and God cannot sin (Jas 1:13).   

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