Nov 16, 2012

Evolution, Free Books and Bad Manners

Recently I offered an evolutionist I met online a free book by Dr. Fazale Rana ('Creating Life in the Lab'). I want you to read our exchange (I've changed some things to keep the person unknown) below. It reveals so many disturbing things - all in a few brief e-mails!

We spoke a while ago onLINE - we have a mutual friend. Would you please allow me to send you a free book? Here is the work - I think you would find it a good read, even if you have some qualms - all I would need is your address please ...

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

vocab/john-mark r.


I will read that book the day you get a Biology B.S. or above from an accredited university.


I did not author the book I am offering to send you so I am not sure what my credentials have to do with anything. Here is part of his bio:
"Dr. Rana earned an undergraduate degree in chemistry with highest honors at West Virginia State University. He completed a PhD in chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry at Ohio University, where he twice won the Donald Clippinger Research Award. Postdoctoral studies took him to the Universities of Virginia and Georgia. Fuz then worked seven years as a senior scientist in product development for Procter & Gamble."
I imagine this would meet your criteria. The offer still stands, my friend!

You want me to read your literature... I think a fair trade is you read mine as well... Since you are the one pushing the ordeal, you can go first. Mine is the literature required for a Biology B.S. in a accredited University course listing. Granted, mine is probably a little more heavy in terms of reading (although I usually find this the case with science literature versus cult studies). I anxiously await your experience/enlightenment!
Have a great Hanukkah!

If you want to 'assign' me a few hours worth of reading, then sure! That sounds like a fair trade in return for the book. The author you are mocking has much more in the way of credentials than you, so I am not sure what you are really proving here. I honestly have never met anyone so prideful about a Bachelor's Degree ... humility is a trait we should all desire, no?

I really just wanted to offer you something of value for free (granted, it is small). You aren't afraid of reading people who know more than you but who may have a different position - are you? I certainly hope not - that smacks of both fear and bigotry - not a good way to learn.



I'm sorry, I looked at the above posts and never have once "mocked" the cited author of the attached book once... someone who would falsely accuse someone smacks of fear and bigotry. And while my financial situation is so terrible that I would jump on "something free" regardless of cost or interest in said item really says something about me... Also the fact that I apparently have a single, and only B.S. degree is also very telling about myself.

Here's the thing... you seem to be confused that I want to have a conversation with you, which honestly might be my fault since I did address something you said in the past. Really though, my only intention was to show your ignorance in a subject. I find it funny, as a whole and personally, that you can be an apologists for a topic you know nothing about. Its one of those funny little ironies in the world that people are normally too ignorant to get.

The only reasons I responded to this was because I had time on my hand and was bored. I didn't respond to your last posting because I was busy, and as alluded to previously, I had no real interest in what you had to say. I literally talk at you purely for entertainment when school/the lab that I run (with my single and only B.S. degree of course) is slow.

I continue with this, specifically only with you, because as a self-proclaimed orator you are: not very well read on topics you probably should (which judging from this thread's accusations alone I could maybe see as a reading deficiency), you are quick to cherry-pick information (which is really easy for someone who is familiar with the material to shoot down), you spread logical fallacies with ease and then accuse/misquote others of using fallacies against your "arguments" (another thing that even people with a basic understanding of logic can point out), and finally you are relentless in your pursuit of misinformation (which I'm not sure is because of how ignorant you are or a purposeful agenda of pro-psuedo-Chrisian beliefs).

While I stand accused of being really prideful, I would turn it around on you who is prideful. I honestly belief that you have a group of people that believe what you believe that you are exposed to a majority of your life. And in that circle you are probably quite prominent due to you ferocity of promoting the same beliefs that those you surround yourself with. Unfortunately, its a bigger pond than that, and to a greater point, there is a reason why a vast majority of true scientists (myself included) honestly don't care what you have to say. You deal in belief, we deal in fact. We don't cherry-pick data and try to obscure the facts, we look at the data and interpret it without bias.

That, fundamentally, is why you will always be entertainment to me. As an addendum though, my best friend in the world is a pastor at a church. I'm not anti-Religion for the sake of thinking Science is some doctrine in which to live your life. I just believe, honestly, that you have nothing interesting to say in either topic.

Keep up the good work!


You placed the book within a genre you called 'cult studies' - that would seem to qualify as mocking, no?

I wish you well and wish you would be more open minded ... or at least less patronizing LOL

I'm sorry, does that book not deal with the theology of the Christian Cult? I don't see how cult studies is offensive, unless you view the colloquial term offensive or are in disagreement that *your* religion from all other cults is to be deemed under a title... but semantics.

Your insulting nature, from insinuating one of my fields of interest was a fairy tale up to your recent insinuations of me being of bigotry and fearful have shown a history of aggression towards me which has lead me to be reactionary.


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