Nov 15, 2012

Backpack Radio announcement: free book giveaway!

Free book giveaway this week on Backpack Radio, courtesy of Reasons to Believe. 
It will have to do with this Sunday's upcoming show. 
This week's guest is Dr. Fazale Rana - is the book the winners will receive:  More details here ...

To enter in this week's book giveaway drawing, do one of the following:

1: Leave BACKPACK RADIO a review on iTunes
2: Like BACKPACK RADIO on Facebook
3: Leave a comment on our BACKPACK RADIO Podbean page 

4: Leave us a comment, question or compliment on the BACKPACK RADIO Facebook wall
5: Tag BACKPACK RADIO in a comment on YOUR Facebook wall
6: Interact with BACKPACK RADIO in some way on Twitter (re-tweets or responses or shout out mentions)
 If you have a website or blog, post a link to one of our shows -but please let us know!
8: Leave a comment on the blog at - simply leave a comment on one of the posts - it can not be 'anonymous'!
9: Send us a future show idea
 via e-mail at
10: Send us an e-mail with a voice mail message mp3 file attached with a comment

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