Oct 14, 2012

What Do You Think About "Hell Houses"?

Someone recently asked me this: 

"It's the scary time of year when the ghosts and ghouls abound. I was just curious as to what your views on churches hosting a 'Judgment House' were?"

And I responded with this: 

I believe in a full fledged doctrine of hell and affirm that biblical preaching must include judgment.

Hell houses strike me as cheap and gimmicky, though. I understand the desire to engage culture and get a crowd but I don't think these kind of productions are a wise way to go about it. For one, it doesn't really seem to stir up a love for the cross but rather a primal fear of consequences. In short, it doesn't seem properly gospel focused because the motivation for change is ultimately self centered.

Also, I wonder if the theatrics and cheesiness of it all doesn't actually detract from the levity of the subject of eternal torment?

I'm not saying it's sin to do it. I'm just saying I think it's unwise and out of step with the true nature of evangelism and making disciples.

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