Oct 10, 2012


  1. How would you define ‘witnessing’?
  2. How would you define ‘boldness’?
  3. Recognizing our dependence on the Lord to bring people to faith in Christ, what should be the focus of our prayers? See Ephesians 6:19-20 for assistance if needed.
  4. Is every local church called to be “on mission” to the world? How important is it for Christians to financially support the spreading of the gospel?
  5. What are some things local churches can do to work on sending more people to their ‘Jerusalem’, their ‘Judea’, their ‘Samaria’, and to ‘the ends of the earth’? What are some things you can personally do?
  6. Do all believers have a part to play in the drama of the gospel growing and spreading? To whom do you believe the Great Commission is given to?
  7. Does anything hinder you from praying for new witnessing opportunities like Paul did in Colossians 4:2-4?
  8. Who are the Christians who have influenced you? Can you think of an instance where they had to act boldly? Perhaps in their relationship towards you, or in their witness towards others?
  9. Are you overcommitted to where you have no time for purposeful evangelism?
  10. Do you feel reluctance towards evangelism? Identify the ‘walls’ you face within yourself.

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