Sep 20, 2012

Violence=Strength=Good for Islamic 'Dawa'? -PART 3

 Read a few recent posts to see part 1 and part 2 of this conversation with a Muslim about all the so-called movie protests and murders going on in the Islamic world. 


If there is any religion that preach tolerance, value of Human life, it is Islam, some mistakes do happen from Muslims from time to time but it can never reach to the level of atrocities committed by European and North American who call themselves Christians just look at the numbers. Millions of Native Indians were exterminated, quarter million people were wiped out in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, millions of Africans were forced into Slavery for centuries by the christians, Hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans were killed  during colonization by the christians, Hundreds of thousands of Philipinos were forced into Christianity and killed by the christians, Millions of Muslims were killed by crusaders in 12th Century, Millions of people were killed during world war I and World war II by christians, Hitler Killed millions of Jews who was also Christian and list goes on and on...... it is endless.

The thing is when your heart is burning with hatred and when you are grinding your teeth to express your anger, then all these things do not appear in front of you. The freedom of expression you talk about, here is one brilliant example of your so called freedom of expression. Here is one more video for you.

Just like you cannot drop water in full pot it will overflow, similarly you cannot debate with one who has pre-conceived notion of Islam that it preaches hatred. I do not see any benefit  in debating with you as you are hate monger ignorant and man of no reason. You are only following your desires and whims, you only aim to insult and throw dirt at Muslims that is what your aim is in life, but you will fail as Allah promised.

I like to end this conversation with this "To you, your religion and to me my religion."


My Friend, 

please hear and listen! It is unfriendly to accuse anyone who disagrees with you hateful and evil. It is also a cheap trick to avoid actually discussing the important issues on the table. 

Now, in response to your last letter to me, in what way does Islam teach tolerance when no one is allowed to criticize Muhammad without being threatened with death? On that note, I ask you yet again: do you think it is acceptable to jail or kill anyone who says something negative about Muhammad? Why haven't you answered this simple question yet? Are you afraid of being honest?

As far as freedom of expression, what do you say about blasphemy laws, like this?
 And remember, I do not represent some secular government, I represent the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the king of all, including you. You will one day now your knee to him and confess him as Lord. But in the meantime, if you or anyone else blasphemes against him, it is not my duty to imprison or execute you but rather to pray for you and share the love of God with you.

Now as far as the atrocities committed by Muslims against non-Muslims throughout history, the list is rather extensive.

I hope you see the truth about Jesus soon and disregard the false teaching of perpetrators who came after him.

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