Sep 18, 2012

Violence=Strength=Good for Islamic 'Dawa'? -PART 1

Do Muslims Think the Death of the US Ambassador to Libya and Worldwide Violence Makes Islam Look Good? Yes, Some Do ...

You may think with all the embassy attacks going on lately, Muslims would be embarrassed and apologize, right? What if I told you I just received a number of emails from a few of my Muslim friends who view this as a witnessing opportunity. They see it is a good thing that Islamic zeal for the one they think is a prophet is on the center stage of the world. My friend's e-mail basically said, "to any of you who are wondering what kind of wonderful man could inspire such passionate protests, here is a link to a web site that will teach more about him."

The e-mail was sent by a well-to-do young man educated at a well known public university here in the US. When I asked him if it was wrong to kill people for dissing Muhammad (3 times!), he would not answer and instead responded with accusing me of having a dark heart which hates God and all Muslims. 

To those of you still in denial about what true Islam is: do you know any Muslims like this? Do you have Muslim friends you talk to about this? It always helps to hear their views from their own lips.
Below is the e-mail with only minimal changes to protect the names of all involved... 

SUBJECT: Protest know this Man
Assalam-o-alaykum Peace be on those who follow guidance.
In the past few days we have seen Protest all over Muslim world. Many people would wonder Why this protest? Who is Prophet Muhammed? and why Muslim love him so much? and why this issue is so sensitive to Muslims?

Here is a good and informative BBC documentary to find all those answers:

 Tomorrow I will post my response as well as his  ...

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