Sep 24, 2012

NASA Proves the Qur'an is True?

Last year I was witnessing to some Muslims. One man told me that the Qur'an was true because NASA proves the moon was split - just like his book says. I asked him to send me the video. What follows is our conversation ...
Hi Vocab,
               Here is the video about the moon split:
Are you the one I met last Friday?
I was handing out Injils... I never did get your e-mail!
Please respond if this is you because I felt like we got cut off ...


Whatever happens, happens for the best. It is so because you are not sincere in your argument, but rather biased, prejudice and deep hatred, animosity, and hostility towards Islam and Muslims. What you intend to achieve through this request? I know water cannot fall and stay in already fill pot, similarly a student who is willing to learn cannot have mind make up about something he/she willing to learn and have no knowledge of the subject and whatever little is known to him is false. Mind has to be neutral and let the facts speak for itself.

Are you the same gentleman I spoke with last week then?
If so, I am glad to hear from you!

I am saddened to hear you say I have hatred, animosity, and hostility towards Muslims. I love Muslims - otherwise why would I spend the time to speak with them at the masjid? I desire to see my Muslim friends repent and turn to the True and Living God - that can only be motivated by love, not hate.

Also, I may not be an Islamic scholar but to say I have no knowledge of Islam except falsehoods is a bit of an overstatement. If you recall, I had some familiarity with relevant ahadith as well as certain surahs.

Lastly, how can you say that I must be be neutral when no Muslim I know is neutral? It seems like a double standard to tell the Christian they are not open to truth while acting as if the Muslim is unbiased.

I have already sanctified Jesus in my heart as Lord, per 1 Peter 3:15, and when I interact with my Muslim friends I do so under the Lordship of Jesus. No one else is Lord, so I can not act as if they are.
What I hope to achieve with this request is threefold:
A) learn more about Islam
B)glasses gain a Muslim friend
C) share the gospel with said friend


When you hate Muhammed (SAW) You do not love Muslims, friend is one who love what he love who hate what he hate.You only memorized Hadith to create confusion in the minds of Muslims.

We Muslims are not biased we know what is truth and what is falsehood, it is you who is biased. There are numerous evidences to prove our argument.

You have not sanctified Jesus, but you follow your whims and evil desires.

Only allah knows what is in your heart, all I see is you are hostile to Islam and Muhammed and hence to us Muslims, never the less I will approve your request.

We communicated a bit more but I will not share those e-mails now at this time.

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