Sep 25, 2012

Does Islam Kill?

How many times can we keep on saying its only a few Muslims here and there? If this stuff keeps on happening we should not make excuses or invent reasons. We should be sober minded and realize that Islam is key to the equation and that it is impossible to appease perpetual Muslim anger and outrage. I mean I've heard some deluded Americans tell me 'that their culture needed a violent solution'  to fix the problem a movie created!

Is the reason merely economical, as many liberal wish? Other non-Islamic countries also have unemployment problems (many in South America) but they don't kill ambassadors because they are from the same country as a filmmaker who offends them. NOTE: the Ambassador didn't make that movie. Not that's the real reason for these attacks, anyway ...
It's true that saving face is uber important in Islamic-influenced states. Shariah Law is part of Islam and these so-called Islamic Republics look very oppressive to us (as they are) but to a faithful Muslim, it is a welcome thing!

I'm pointing out thar one's philosophy of governance directly relates to their view of the world. And to a Muslim, all must submit to Allah now - anything else is treason 

Islam was never not political. Look into Muhammad's rulership of various locales. Or his excursions as military general. Or the concept of Abode of Islam vs. the Abode of War. These are important concepts built into the whole Islamic system.

The only 'method' to fix this evil is gospel wrought heart change 

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