Aug 22, 2012

NEW! Objective Morality Debate posted

Recently I discussed objective morality with local atheist Dylan Walker on ReapSow Radio. I highly encourage you to skip the unfriendly banter the first half of the show and start at 45:55, where the debate portion actually begins. The show before that consists of two atheists mocking anyone who disagrees with them in a very immature manner. So do yourself a favor and pick it up when Dylan and I come on, as our tone was much more becoming for a serious discussion on morals.

The background to this debate can be found here and I have previously posted on it here as well 

One more thing: if you want to hear more of this, then please hit up the host REAP. Because we recorded almost 45 minutes more worth of material that was not included in the final broadcast. I thought it was good stuff and would personally love to hear the second half of the debate. If you agree, then let the host know so perhaps he will post it online for all to hear!


  1. thank you for information. it's most helpful.

  2. One clarification I need to make on something I said in this debate. When I spoke of Dennett, here is what he said about rights: "It’s nonsense but good nonsense–and good only because it is on stilts, only because it happens to have the “political” power to keep rising about the meta-reflections–not indefinitely, but usually “high enough”–to reassert itself as a compelling–that is, conversation-stopping–first principle.” [Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, p. 507] But he is referencing Jeremy Bentham. Thanks to Patrick Callahan for pointing this out to me.


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