Aug 27, 2012


*this is my FINAL post in the current series on the NPP  
James White writes that imputation is “the only hope of the sinful soul” because a recognition of the sinfulness of our sin will lead us to despair, as “the one who knows the stain of his sin knows that he must have a righteousness that is not his own.” This fearful dawning should drive us to humbly search for a rescuer outside ourselves: Jesus is that Savior!  White continues: “Imputation is such a beautiful word to the sinner who feels so keenly his lack of righteousness and the perfection of the righteousness of Christ. Such a gift cannot be purchased, earned, or merited. It must be imputed by grace.”[1] The realization of the gift he has given – his righteousness – should lead us to be worshipful, ever adoring and eternally thankful.

[1] James R. White, The God Who Justifies: A Comprehensive Study of the Doctrine of Justification (Bloomington, MN: Bethany House, 2001), 116-117.

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