Aug 1, 2012

Called Out by Atheist to Debate

The Angry Atheist 94 w/ Dylan Walker

listen here:

The Angry Atheist Podcast recently interviewed Phoenix-based atheist Dylan Walker aka Skeptimus Prime. I have went back and forth with Dylan on his blog before and he referred to me in the interview several times. He spoke of a "Calvinist minister" whom he debated online and the host of the program said twice that Dylan should challenge me to a debate. The Angry Atheist host also said he would host it! I am game ... I am just waiting on the invitation ... or perhaps I should contact these gentlemen? Take a listen and please share your thoughts ... DOWNLOAD THE ANGRY ATHEIST PODCAST HERE

The two "Calvinist minister" mentions are made right before the 15 minute mark and then again at the very end of the show, a few minutes before the closing.

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