Jul 27, 2012

The New Perspective on Paul and Justification PODCAST EPISODES

This week on Backpack Radio, we will be doing part one of a two-part show on the New Perspective on Paul. To get up to speed, check out the show we have already done on this topic :
  "Did Paul Believe in Aliens? [09/11/11]"

Our guest this week will be a pastor who is an advocate of the NPP. Here is what he said in relation to our last show on this topic:

" I think it does need to be clarified that the issues being raised are not the result of some left wing liberal scholarship attempt to threaten the Gospel but rather a serious re-thinking of our traditions in the light of Scripture. After all the Reformation motto was "The Reformation was to continue to Reform"; with that said, I hardly think it is a fair use of Scripture to apply the anathema of Galatians to genuine Christian brothers who are seeking to challenge some of our possible traditions in the light of Scripture itself. It seems to me, you guys have a great show, this should be seem as an intra-Christian dialogue between those in Christ."
Tune in this week as he will get a chance to come on and introduce the topic from his side. I will of course be commenting on his statements - should be interesting!

If you really want to be in the know on this issue, here are a few episodes of REDEMPTION RADIO (hosted by Jeff Durbin) I recommend:

Justification and Imputation with Vocab Malone  • November 26th, 2011 
Dr. Venema on the New Perspective on Paul 
 • November 19th, 2011 
Justification and peace with God with Dr. Guy Waters • July 11th, 2012

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