Jul 29, 2012

Quick Thoughts on the Holy Spirit

Recently two different friends asked me about the Holy Spirit - here were my thoughts ...

I have a high view of Scripture. I view it as the only "irrefutable" source of revelation. So whatever I am convinced of in Scripture is a command for me, I will try to do - and fail time and time again. This is why I need his grace. The Holy Spirit will never contradict Holy Writ. So I am not in a place where I believe contradictions between the Bible and the Holy Spirit can happen in the first place.

I do not view things like dreams, visions, audible or internal voices as authoritative sources of revelation. Maybe some Pentecostals do but not me. Further, I do not think we are to go looking for these things or base our walk on them, as feelings and experiences change.

I think we should encourage biblical ideals: passionate worship, having our emotions and body under the Lordship of Christ, being filled with the Spirit daily, walking in the Spirit as we crucify the flesh, cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit, and challenging people to witness in power. These are the things I think we should view as part of a Spirit-led life.

The Psalms especially speak of a sense of closeness and intimacy we should have in our walk with the Lord. And none of these things are contrary to the sacraments.

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