Jul 1, 2012

Did Jesus Claim to be God?

If one believes the only reason Jesus was killed was because He looked different or was too popular, then they would have a different view than the actual executioners themselves! For example, in Matthew 26:63-66 the High Priest (Caiphas) asks Jesus if He is the Son of God. When Jesus responds in the affirmative, Caiphas rips his clothes and cries out "blasphemy". The religious leaders quickly declare that Jesus is "worthy of death". It is clear their primary reason for wanting to kill Him: because He claimed equality with God, which, if not true, was considered blasphemy according to Levitical Law.

In John 19:19-21, the sign above Jesus' head read THE KING OF THE JEWS. The sign above a condemned criminal's head signified the type of crime he had committed and why he was being crucified. It is obvious this is what Jesus claimed for Himself. For one to claim to be THE KING OF ISRAEL (Mark 15:32) was a claim only due to Yahweh Himself it was a Messianic claim of deity. Jesus claimed this for Himself on numerous occasions and it was the primary reason for which He was crucified.

The Bible points to the Deity of Christ. I trust the Jesus of the Bible (Galatians 1:6-8) for my salvation and no one or no thing else.

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