Jun 16, 2012

YOU ARE [worship rap lyrics]

Written by Vocab Malone and Vessel

God is…
Invisible, indivisible, intellectual and spiritual
He's critical to life He’s the visible Christ
He’s the only individual Who's precise Light
He incites right and He invites tykes
To live life right through His sacrifice
Without the Passion Night well then we're back to dice
And straight crappin' out, I'm rappin' about
The rapid vapid vapor when we're blackin' out
Step into the Light and you can see His face
Embrace His Grace and please make haste
Don't wait and waste get saved today
HEY! Say to Yahweh, "Step into my way,
Shine your Light and blaze Your rays"
Your Son is Light so we praise His Name
I said Your Son is Light so we praise His Name!


VERSE 2 (by Vessel aka Luis B.)
You are the perfect image of an invisible God
the first born before the earth and the heaven abroad
everything surrounds you cause you created it
Things in the heavens and earth well you predestined it
weather we see them or not,weather we get it or not
you have your hand in everything from the bottom to top
every authority and every king has been given the power to rule
because you were born in the lead
and because of that,you were made the adhesion
the rock that we stand o the worlds foundation
You stand as the head of the body meaning your church
you came to reconcile everything on this earth


You are the Great God Supreme
I AM I AM Source of all Being
Never ending infinite always
Ancient of Days deserves all praise
Solid Rock the Foundation
Creator King of every nation
Heaven your home upon the throne
The God of Peace Jehovah Shalom


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