Jun 26, 2012


The Qur'an doesn't say you should hate your wife or anything but what it teaches is on marriage definitely different than what the Bible teaches. One other thing is that it even teaches contradictory things in its own pages regarding marriage. It even advocates polygamy up to 4 wives. The only qualifier is that you must be able to afford them. The Bible opposes this in Deuteronomy 17:17 - "Do not multiply wives". Any time polygamy is shown (never advocated) in the Bible, the ramifications are ALWAYS negative. Just look at Abraham, David, Solomon, Jacob, or the prophet Samuel's father.

Then there's Muhammad himself. He may have waited until his first wife died before he began to marry multiple wives but he still married way more than 4! If one counts concubines, it's even more. Aisha, reportedly his favorite, was very young (6? 9?). I've read some Islamic apologists who attempt to find ways to explain these activities, but at the end of the day Muhammad's marital activities stand in stark contrast to the Lord Jesus Christ, or even Peter or Paul, for that matter.

For the Nation of Islam folks, what about The Honorable Elijah Muhammad? His illegitimate sons and daughters are alive and well, walking around on this earth today. How can one disprove their existence? Even his legitimate son admitted his father's various "indiscretions". This creates a huge problem for his claims of legitimacy. Even King David, when faced with his infidelity, repented. Elijah Muhammad, however, either adamantly denied it or gave rationalizations, essentially saying he must fulfill various roles found in the Old Testament - read about it; it's all in black-and-white.

As far as Malcolm X goes, did he just make up these allegations? The Message of NOI was something he had followed with his whole being. He looked to Elijah as a prophetic figure. What would inspire him to create these accusations out of thin air? Where is his motivation? Not only that, but Malcolm seems to have been a man full of honesty and integrity. Regardless of what folks say about him, he was always faithful to his wife and a dedicated (albeit busy) family man. He himself showed no signs of sexual moral decay. He lived a life of strict moral discipline and was never known to be a man of lies. To accuse him of lying for selfish reasons is inconsistent with his known personal character.


  1. Vocab writes: The Bible opposes [polygamy] in Deuteronomy 17:17 - "Do not multiply wives". Any time polygamy is shown (never advocated) in the Bible [Brett says hmmmm], the ramifications are ALWAYS negative [Brett says hmmm again???]. Just look at Abraham, David, Solomon, Jacob, or the prophet Samuel's father

    Vocab, lets just look at David for a moment to blow apart your hard work…
    • 1st of all Vocab: Deuteronomy 17:17 applies to kings only (not to the regular man)
    • 2nd of all Vocab: your very own on-paper god fully endorsed polygamy! In fact he brought it about! Just read 2 Samuel 12:8 (Vocab, your on-paper god is emphatically speaking here) “I gave you [Saul’s] house and his wives…and if that had not been enough, I would have given you much, much, much more”

    Vocab, that is flat out endorsement of polygamy! There’s no way around it! So why would you write such a post on your blog (being you already know that this verse exist)?

    Now check this Vocab: Deuteronomy 17:17 must stand for this:
    • …the king himself should not multiply wives; buuuuuuut (!!!) it’s ok for the on-paper god to do it for the king—per 2 Samuel 12:8. Nice!!!!!

    2 Samuel 5:13 “David married more wives and concubines”!

    And as you know Vocab (besides David’s census count and taking dude’s wife)—1 Kings 15:5 emphatically states “David had done what was pleasing in the lord’s sight”!
    • …so in accordance with your own scripture Vocab, many wives and concubines was pleasing unto your on-paper god! Sweet!

    Vocab writes: Even King David, when faced with his infidelity, repented

    Vocab, David repented on taking his loyal servants wife (the guy who slept at his door, who bit the bullet for David)—and he only repented when he got busted! David never repented for polygamy (his many wives and concubines!!!), why should he, the on-paper god gave David a multitude of wives; and the on-paper god would have given David many more wives, homes, etc if David wanted it! Awesome!

    • Vocab: David had six wives while he ruled in Hebron as king of Judah. While there, the prophet Nathan tells David in 2 Samuel 12:8: "I would give you twice as much over," which the rabbis interpret to mean that the number of David's existing wives could be tripled: from six to 18!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brett Strong strikes again against Christian dogma!!!!!!

    Yes, Vocab, America needs Christianity (due to the majority of people desiring [for many reasons] to believe in some type of god (regardless of how improvable any so-called god are [and besides, wipe out Christianity and much more dire religions are sure to fill the void, so we must have modern day American Christian lite Christianity by default, cool]); but America does not need dogma!!!!!!...America only needs Christian lite Christianity (like Joel Olsteen happy go lucky make you feel good sermons [note: Joel only goes wrong when he broaches upon the scam called “tithing”])

    Later fellas!

  2. Brett, you claim the instruction to not multiply wives applied to kings - but no one else? This would be reverse the way most ANE kings normally worked. Besides, who is most likely to commit this sin? And just because it does not call out "regular Joes" right in that passage does not mean they can just go whole hog!

    I have a few questions:

    -In Genesis 2, did God say he was going to make Adam a HELPER (singular) or HELPERS (plural)?

    -God took ONE rib from Adam and made ONE woman - why not more?

    -Genesis 2:24 has a pattern of a man leaving his family to “be joined to his wife” - do you think it should say "OR WIVES"?

    -In the same narrative the marital union is described as “one flesh” - would this equation work with polygamy?

    -Have you read Jesus' commentary on this in Mark 10:1–12 and Matthew 19:1–12?

    -The first reference to polygamy found in the OT is in Genesis 4:19–25. Was this pre or post fall?

    -Fill in the blank here: In 1 Timothy 3:2 and 12 and Titus 1:6, elders must be the “husband of _____ wife.”

    -MULTIPLE CHOICE: Ephesians 5:25–33 assumes A) one wife B) plural wives C) I have no idea.

  3. First of all Vocab, admit that your on-paper god deployed POLYGAMY when he dealt David all of Saul’s WIVES (and your on-paper god would have given David MORE WOMEN had David wanted more FEMALES!!!!)—and admit that all of David’s WIVES and CONCUBINES was pleasing!!!! unto your on-paper god!

    Yes Vocab, admit the above devastating POLYGAMY truth before your blog readers!

    Vocab, don’t be afraid to follow the truth!

    Brett Strong strikes again..check out my blog http://jesusisahoax.blogspot.com/ …and check out my debate with the awesome Jeff Durbin on June 13th at http://redemptionradio.podbean.com/


    Vocab says: just because it does not call out "regular Joes" right in that passage does not mean they can just go whole hog!

    Really Vocab?
    • Deuteronomy 21:15 “if a man has 2 WIVES”!!!!!
    • Exodus 21:10 “if he himself marries her and then takes ANOTHER WIFE”!!!!!
    • Leviticus 18:8 “do not have sexual intercourse with any of your father’s WIVES”!!!!!

    uhum Vocab, POLYGAMY again!!!!! …it was written in the law (of course, according to your bible)!!!!!

    Now Vocab, question to your “whole hog” statement: with all this on-paper god polygamy going on (to giving David hot wives [sweet] to law polygamy guidelines [nice]), PLEASE TELL ME AND YOUR READERS where was the limit for how many wives/concubines a man (a non-king) could have? And I don’t want to hear your opinions; I want verses that say it explicitly or admit before your readers (and to Jeff and Luke) that your original polygamy post was erroneous and should be taken down due to the falseness of it (exposed by Brett Strong)! Fair enough my friend….

  4. Anonymous12:52 PM

    As far as a Bishop goes, he should be a husband of one wife. (ref. 1 Timothy 3:2)


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