Jun 12, 2012

O Magnify the Lord_Rap Lyrics

If ya’ in the room, zoom in focus
On Jesus the Christ the freshest dopest
Controls the globe from snow to locust
Made it all, holds supernovas
In His hand, His plan is grand
The Great I Am He is the God-Man
The captain of salvation
The Event – Advent - He’ll do it again
Smashing on sin, making enemies friends
He slayed the grave like *blow* Mack-10
Conquered death, the resurrection
He’s Everlasting, no never not been

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____ ________ 12 bars each

The rock don’t stop the rock that don’t roll
Blessed be He He rocks the soul
Rose of Sharon on the third day rose
The Lion of Judah won’t lie no no
So go the with palm leave raised and wave
He is worthy so praise, He saves
His people from sin, make ‘em born again
The Lord who was scorned by vile men
With violence, stayed silent
It was Atonement like a Shai Linne
LP CD or MP3
so praise the Lord for the empty tree

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