May 25, 2012

A Brief Post on Homosexuality

I think people should be informed about the rapidity in which the issue of forced acceptance of homosexuality is gaining steam in the popular cultures' collective conscience. I don't want people running around angry or ignorant; I'd prefer them informed and active. 

And to the Christian friends I do have, I want them to
A) be aware of the cultural climate (and I'm not sure all of them are) and
B) be able to wisely, lovingly, honestly, and clearly interact with those who do not share their presuppositions and are deeply offended by their views.

 I'm not the expert but I think many of the ways Christians talk about Biblical sexual mores with others is often a big area of weakness - see an example HERE.

We are not to be obsessed with talking about homosexuality – the Gospel message is priority. The things I say about homosexuality are not the most important for a non-Christian to know or believe, however. The Gospel is the most important thing about Christianity that you should know – and I hope one day, believe. This is sometimes hard to get across because our culture is almost obsessed with Christian sexual mores because they bump up against current American ideas about sex. The big one, of course, is homosexuality. Still, since the culture is running amok in the area of sexual ethics, we must say something and we sometimes need to answer the questions of non-Christians about these things.

With that, here are a few passages which lead me to understand what God says about homosexuality:
-Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13
-1 Corinthians 6:9-10
-1 Timothy 1:10
-Romans 1:24-27

These are offered as the biblical basis from which I draw my conclusions. If a person would want to discount the Levitical prohibitions because they are from the OT, I think they would be mistaken, but even if we granted them that those are now pase, we still have at least three very blunt passages in the NT. The Romans one is the most detailed, the Corinthians one speaks of Christians who used to practice homosexuality (as well as other things), and the Timothy one speaks about the purpose of the Law.

There are more foundational passages to the biblical argument, though. They are less “on the nose” and more sublime but the implications would be more profound. For example, Genesis 1-2. The Creation account tells us why we were created as male and female and why God designed marriage the way He did. This is very pertinent to homosexuality. Genesis 19 would also be relevant to this discussion but takes some time to develop. There are other places in the NT, such as Jesus’ words affirming the OT Law and setting the highest standard possible for sexual morality in Matthew 5. Jesus also affirms the Genesis account of the institution of marriage in Mark 10:6.

These are cursory but should suffice to show any Christian why homosexuality is sinful as well to explain to non-Christians why Christians believe certain axioms in relation to sexual ethics.


I am still learning about how to speak honestly about a hot button issue which too often can result and in name calling ('bigot' - 'pervert' - 'hate-monger' - 'pedophile-lover' - or BULLY - example here) ...

In this article, I think Greg Koukl is trying to help Christians figure out how to navigate dangerous waters in a practical way ... but I'm not certain it is forthright enough. I don't know yet
 ... it just seems a little bit too 'clever', if that makes sense. Some of the application about this particular issue were sorta 'squishy' ... the reason I originally liked that article was I thought it had some good practical advice for people in the workplace, where this can really be a death knell issue for Christians. I also appreciated how he explained this is not a salvation situation but rather more of a cultural impact type of situation. But some of the other things, sounded too evasive at times and too slick at times. 

NOTE: I do have Koukl's TACTICS book and greatly enjoy it. 

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