Apr 8, 2012


The lyrics to this video of a rap I did in Grudem's class


Are there really seven sacraments?
Look at the text then go back a bit
To Rome which is the home of this teaching
Ex opera operato - Latin what I’m speaking
Means grace given by virtue of the priests and
The signs they perform are more than signs
They dole out grace just like a soup line
Gives out food so the Mass gives out grace
It’s like gas in you tank so you can run the race
Of faith plus works all the way to the finish
But to each dispensation yes, there is a limit
It’s never ending, always need a fill up
Like your grace cup is empty gotta fill that cup up
But how can grace be imparted through baptism or Mass?
Like you could drink some grace outta flask or a glass?
Is the action efficacious and grace is conferred?
Naa, man no way, gotta read that Word
5:17 in 2nd Corinthians, listen up Christians
It’s not a baptism that makes new creatures as per the Catholic Catechism
Of the Catholic Church so please go and search elsewhere
Justified, sanctified - to Rome it’s a blur
Which one is which, so don’t switch to that crew
When it comes to sacraments dude there’s only two
They add five more like penance, orders, anointing
So where’s your authority? To the scripts I am pointing
But the other man must point to Italia
Vatican traditions, kings, rings, regalia
If that’s not enough they add marriage, confirmation
Turn on 1310 to the local Catholic station
You’ll hear vain repetition and chants that never cease
A system of confession where your grace can increase
Or decrease based upon your place and current standing
But grace is a gift and Rome’s too demanding

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