Apr 23, 2012

Important Conversations at South Mountain Community College

Last Thursday and today (Monday), I was part of a Christian/atheist panel discussion at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. I felt very fortunate to be part of it. I want to thank Dr. Matt Cooper for being so fair-minded and unbiased, Jason Short for being so honest and laid-back, and the students fro being so interactive and involved. Below are Dr. Cooper's brief reflections after the event ...
Fun panel conversation yesterday in my world religions course atSouth Mountain Community College with Pastor Vocab Malone (Roosevelt Community Church) and Jason Short (local Atheist philosophy grad student). We discussed such things as evil, animal suffering, determinism v. free will, salvation, revelation, the gospel, the relationship between faith and reason, and various issues in sexual ethics.

A few questions to ponder before the discussion continues on Monday at SMCC: do you think atheists have a ground for morality? Do you think suffering in the world makes it less likely that a benevolent God exists? Do you think that people choose positions (say, atheism or Christianity) based on a rational or non-rational basis?

(L to R) Ben Reising, Vocab Malone, Tyrone, I Forgot His Name, Jason Short
Great panel discussion in my world religions courses today at South Mountain Community College with Pastor Vocab Malone(Roosevelt Community Church) and atheist/agnostic Jason Short. We discussed the problem of evil, whether atheists have a ground for morality, sexual ethics (abortion and zoophilia), and whether or not atheists and Christians can be friends. Thanks to both of you for an interesting and civil conversation!

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